Attending COMPANIES To Date

  • 1 Hour Photo

  • Adobe

  • Aestatix

  • Alexander's Print Advantage

  • allcop Farbbild-Service GmbH&Co. KG

  • AppGrow LLC.

  • Artsy Couture

  • Autopilot Print

  • Canon

  • Catchlight

  • CEWE

  • Circle Graphics



  • Dotphoton

  • EchoAR

  • Edge Imaging

  • Emoticron srl

  • Eversnap

  • EyeQ

  • Ferrania Film Museum

  • Forever Connected

  • Fratelli Alinari Photo Archive

  • Fujifilm

  • Google

  • Gooten

  • GotPhoto

  • H&H Color Lab

  • Hive

  • HYPNO - Instant Content Platform

  • Ifolor AG

  • Jondo

  • Les Pros de la Photo

  • Looking Glass Photo & Camera

  • Magicbook

  • Mediaclip

  • Mikkel Aaland

  • Mixbook

  • Noritsu

  • Olga Novikova Photography

  • ORWO Net GmbH

  • Palmarés Advisors

  • Paper Culture

  • PastBook

  • Pepper Networks, LLC

  • Pex


  • Picanova

  • PicCollage

  • Picsera

  • Popsa

  • Printbox

  • Printiki

  • Profoto

  • Roader

  • Samsung

  • ShootProof

  • Skylum

  • Storyo

  • Suite 48 Analytics

  • SweetEscape

  • Taopix

  • The Dead Pixels Society

  • University of Louisville

  • Velocity Squared

  • ViewBug


  • Zenfolio


Attendee Profile

75% of the 2018 attendees were at director level or higher: C-level, VP, (co-)Founder, Director

75% of the 2018 attendees were at director level or higher: C-level, VP, (co-)Founder, Director

26% of the 2018 attendees were with companies with more than 500 employees, 43% with mid-sized companies, and 30% with startups (fewer than 25 employees)

26% of the 2018 attendees were with companies with more than 500 employees, 43% with mid-sized companies, and 30% with startups (fewer than 25 employees)


Early Bird & sponsor VIP Profile To Date

(company; attendee; market category; partnership objectives)

1 Hour Photo; Fred Lerner; Investor

1 Hour Photo; Peter Tahmin; Photo output/print vendor

Alexander's Print Advantage; Charlie Alexander; Photo output/print vendor; Partners that are interested in printing photobooks, print sets, cards and invitations

Artsy Couture; Lisa Nunley; Photo output/print vendor; Artists, Manufacturers, Photo Labs, Photography Studios, Resellers and Retailers

Catchlight; Elodie Mailliet; Other

Circle Graphics; A.O. Carson; Photo output/print vendor; Fulfillment customers

Circle Graphics; Lonnie Lemco; Other; Art purchasers and fulfillment partners

Circle Graphics; Staci Seward; Photo output/print vendor

Circle Graphics; Grace Popp; Photo output/print vendor; Fulfillment customers; Martijn Eier; Photo output/print vendor; Brian Raaijmakers; Photo output/print vendor; Yuka Groenenberg; Other; PSPs

echoAR, Inc; Alon Grinshpoon; Cloud storage provider; Investors in AR/VR, Developers of AR/VR apps

Edge Imaging; Jordan Moore; Photo output/print vendor

Edge Imaging; Mike Watkinson; Photo output/print vendor

Emoticron srl; Mario Amura; Media; Media partners, technological partners

Eversnap; Sasha Eslami; App developer

EyeQ; Brad Malcolm

EyeQ; Eran Steinberg

EyeQ; Ziv Gillat; Other; Printing, dating, travel, real estate, social

Forever Connected; Robert Davidson; App developer; Photo Book

Forever Connected; Bob Fleshner; App developer

Forever Connected; Scott Nelles; App developer; Photo books

Fratelli Alinari Photo Archive; Andrea de Polo Saibanti; Photo output/print vendor; International cooperation

Fujifilm; Ian Stone; Photo output/print vendor

Fujifilm; Nick Aiken; Photo output/print vendor

Fujifilm; Ryan Moore; Photo output/print vendor

Google; Alexander Schiffhauer

Google; Anna Dickson; Other

Gooten; Brian Rainey

GotPhoto /; Markus Posselt; Cloud storage provider; Strategic partners (Distribution, Technology, Printing, ...)

Hive; Kevin Guo; Other

HYPNO - Instant Content Platform; Champ Bennett; App developer

Ifolor AG; Sven Betzold; Photo output/print vendor

Jondo; Daniel Gardynski; Photo output/print vendor

Jondo; John Doe; Photo output/print vendor

Magicbook; Laurent Martin; App developer; Print partner

ORWO Net GmbH; Björn Schwarzbach; Other; Innovation, App

Palmares Advisors; Andy Kelm; Other

Pepper Networks, LLC; Len Kawell; App developer; Mobile app and device maker partners

Pex; Todd Brown; App developer; Terence Swee; App developer; photobook brands, output partners

Picanova; Alexander Lörcks; Photo output/print vendor; Potential Business Partner

Picanova; Philipp Mühlbauer; Photo output/print vendor; Potential Business Partner

Printbox; Michał Czaicki; Other; Personalized photoproduct providers

Printbox; Zsolt Racz; Other; Personalized photoproduct providers

Profoto; Anton Falk; Other

Profoto; Tobias Lindbäck; Other; Photography

Profoto; Erik Bjernulf; Other

Roader; Sjoerd Pitstra; Camera manufacturer; Distributors, Media Partners, Investors

Skylum; Alex Tsepko; App developer; Growth Partnerships

Samsung Electronics America; Suzanne de Silva; Mobile phone vendor

SweetEscape; David Susanto; App developer; AI, Cloud computing

SweetEscape; Emile Etienne Hassell; Other; Investor and Candidates

Taopix Ltd; Steffen Haaga; Other; Photogift Retailers

Taopix; James Gray; Other; photo gift retailers

The Dead Pixels Society; Gary Pageau; Media; New technology and service providers

University of Louisville; Roman Yampolskiy

ViewBug; Ori Guttin

ZEISS; Robert Pignataro; Camera manufacturer; New Business

Zenfolio; Brian Vatcher; Other

Zenfolio; Kurt Hilmerson; Other