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InstaSize: how a top-ranking photo app pivoted from a single-purpose to a full-fledged imaging app

Omar Arambula, co-founder & COO of Munkee, makers of InstaSize

Omar Arambula, co-founder & COO of Munkee, makers of InstaSize

What if you created a single-purpose app that became a fixture in the top photo app rankings – but then the main reason for it to exist vanished overnight?

Time to recalibrate.

Welcome to InstaSize. As the app was originally created for cropping photos to Instagram’s square image format, InstaSize had to reinvent itself in order to make its way back into the top rankings. The app now features a broad range of creative photo/video editing and enhancement tools aimed at social influencers and SMBs. With 200M downloads to date and $1M of revenues per month, the 25-person team behind the app is on a roll. 

We’ll hear first-hand from co-founder and COO Omar Arambula about his company’s journey, as well as his vision for the future.



Hans’ state of the consumer photo & video industry

From imaging business and technology trends to emerging shifts in consumer behavior, Hans Hartman will describe the fundamentals driving our industry forward, and also what’s changing right under our feet. 

He’ll then outline how various industry players can capitalize on both the short and long-term trends. 




Hans Hartman, co-chair Visual 1st and President of Suite 48 Analytics


Visual interlude

Alexis’ secret photo project revealed

Our conference has a longstanding tradition of complementing technology and business discussions with eye-catching visual presentations that remind us of what’s at the heart of our industry. This year it’s our own Alexis Gerard’s turn. 

An award-winning amateur photographer, he will show us the initial results of an extensive photo project he’s been working on for the last 18 months, and which spurred him to travel 15,000+ miles to take the photos he’ll unveil at Visual 1st. 

Alexis Gerard, co-chair Visual 1st.



Expanding options for image capture:
the long tail of cameras

Today’s consumers enjoy the broadest set of options ever available in photo/video capture tools: from smartphones and digital cameras to pet cameras and no-viewfinder AI-powered devices. Image capture remains the bedrock of the visual ecosystem, therefore it’s vital to not only understand the use cases behind these various cameras, but also to explore how the imagery these devices capture can be integrated with solutions for innovative visual enhancement, sharing, memory preservation, and printing.

Monetizing photos through print:
Winning tactics in a rapidly evolving environment

It used to be simple: photo products meant 4x6 prints from digital camera images; and photo product ordering platforms meant either kiosks, websites, or desktop software. The current spectrum of photo print products, cameras and print product ordering platforms is both broader and more diverse. Capture devices, while dominated by smartphones, also include digital cameras and various long tail cameras. Ordering platforms include apps, mobile websites, APIs, progressive web apps, chatbots, and a new generation of smartphone-focused kiosks. Where are the remaining bottlenecks? What’s driving innovation in this space? And where are the breakout opportunities?

Leveraging AR in the photo and video ecosystem

AR solutions are proliferating at a rapid pace. Most importantly, mobile AR solutions (viewing the world through one’s smartphone, augmented with informative or fun content) are already becoming so common that many consumers are beginning to expect augmented content to be easily available. Notwithstanding, AR is still in its early development stages with many questions remaining unanswered. Our panel of seasoned entrepreneurs will explore what types of solutions are already seeing traction, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of various AR toolkits, and we’ll discuss the ways that photo and video companies can leverage AR.


Emerging monetization models for the photo and video ecosystem

Today’s unprecedented levels of photo and video engagement have given a major boost to established photo monetization models such as advertising, subscriptions, photo print products, and imaging hardware or app sales.  While we’ve covered those in detail, and will continue to do so, this panel will focus on currently emerging alternative models to monetize today’s consumer visual engagement trends.

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