October 25:

Show-and-Tell Session

In 3 fast-paced sessions, spread throughout the day, a total of 30 developers will show and discuss their photo or video apps in 4 minutes each and compete for the Mobile Photo Connect Awards.

Early confirmed presenters:

  • Adam Czajka, di support
  • Aran Ziv, SanDisk
  • Argam DerHartunian, PicsArt
  • David Parry, HP
  • Drew Schweinfurth, Walgreens
  • Erik Caso, Younity
  • Etienne Leroy, Sharalike
  • Inês Mateus, Storyo
  • Kemal Ugur, Funimate
  • Len Kawell, Timebox
  • Mike Lanza, Streetography
  • Rob Adamson, Rainhut
  • Ryan Moore, Fujifilm
  • Stefano Cutello, Pastbook

Eric Cheng, Head of Immersive Media, Facebook

Eric Cheng has been at the forefront of some of the most revolutionary innovations in photography and videography of our times: he was Director of Photography at light field camera vendor, Lytro, Director of Aerial Imaging at drone vendor, DJI. Currently he heads Facebook’s VR initiatives, along with his ongoing publishing role at Wetpixel, a well-respected community website dedicated to underwater photography and videography.

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His work as a photographer has been featured at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum and in many media outlets including Wired, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Make, ABC, Good Morning America, CBS, CNN and others. His video work has been shown on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and on virtually every news network around the world. Eric is also the author of Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones.

Caught between technical and creative pursuits, Eric holds bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science from Stanford University, where he also studied classical cello performance.

With this unique background, Eric is in a unique position to discuss the evolving trends in how people capture and share visual content. In this session we will not only dive into these topics but Eric will also show samples of his work that illustrate these trends.

In the final session of the day, The Mobile Photo Connect Awards, a panel of industry experts will reveal which of the 30 photo and video apps demoed in our three show-and-tell sessions stood out – and why!  

Panel Discussions


The Mobile Photo Connect Awards

Our panel of prominent industry movers and shakers will reveal which of the 30 photo and video apps demoed in our three show-and-tell sessions stood out – and why. Which apps have the biggest potential to succeed? Which developer will receive the prestigious Mobile Photo Connect Best-of-Conference Award this year?


  • James Joaquin,Co-founder and Managing Director, Obvious Ventures
  • Jackie Dove, Writer and editor, Tech blogs
  • Haje Jan Kamps, Writer, TechCrunch
  • Rudy Burger, Managing Partner, Woodside Capital


Monetizing photo apps through mobile output

Photo app developers have many options to monetize their user base, including ads, in-app purchasing, paid apps and subscriptions. And another monetization option is rapidly gaining traction: offering physical photo products, such as photobooks and prints, within the apps where users engage with their photos. Hear from industry leaders as to how B2C and B2B mobile photo product printing solutions are quickly transforming into a multichannel checkerboard of ship-to-home, in-store and in-home printing products and services.


  • Jim Dolce, VP Technology and Strategic Business Development, Fujifilm 
  • Kartik Subramanian, Director Product & Program Management, Mobile Commerce, Walgreens
  • Troy Sechrist, Head of Strategic Partnerships at HP Strategy and Emerging Business Group, HP
  • Ralph Naruhn, CEO, di support
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Great Picture

How to succeed in the photo app business 

A no-holds barred conversation with four photo app developers who achieved breakout success. What does it take to achieve, and then maintain, a high ranking? How do you leverage the ever-changing app store opportunities? And to how to generate long-term value from a mobile photo or video user base?


  • Bryan Mason, COO, VSCO
  • Wayne LiuGM and VP of Bus. Development, Perfect Corp.
  • Kemal Ugur, Co-Founder & CEO, Funimate


The Next Big Thing: user-generated VR content

Until recently industry consensus was that the field of VR needed professionally created content in order to take off. Haven’t we heard this before, for instance with Desktop Publishing and Digital Photography? Now as then, a slew of powerful consumer tools – 360° cameras and even intelligent 360° photo and video apps – are coming to market that enable consumers to capture and share VR content more easily than ever before. That will inevitably change market dynamics, at the same time as the business potential for VR surges. Hear from the innovators in this space who lead the charge to bring VR user-generated content to the masses.


  • Radu Rusu, Co-Founder & CEO, Fyusion, Inc
  • Mehrshad Mansouri, Dir. of Bus. Development & Partnerships, Software and Services, GoPro

The future of visual story telling

Moving beyond traditional photo slideshows, a variety of innovative approaches have recently come to market that make it easy for smartphone photographers to share their visual memories in new and enticing ways.  Users can now share their photos through video trailers, travel journals, music videos, and many other exciting formats.  In this session, cutting edge developers will lay out how this market will evolve and what the future of visual story telling holds for us.


  • Filipe Vasconcellos, CEO, Story


Check back soon for more panel topics and speakers


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